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RE-MENT Candy Wonderland (Fairy Land Sweets) / おとぎの国のお菓子

RE-MENT Candy Wonderland (Fairy Land Sweets) / おとぎの国のお菓子

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Release Date: June 11, 2007

Classification: Re-Ment Puchi Sample Series / ぷちサンプルシリーズ / Petit Sample Series

Company: RE-MENT / リーメント

Country of Origin: Japan

Set Contents (Single Blind Box Sets):
  • #1 Ballerinas of the Country Cake / お菓子の国のバレリーナ
  • #2 Alice's Chocolate Chess / アリスのチョコレートチェス
  • #3 Apprentice Witch Trial Sweets / 見習い魔女のお試しスイーツ
  • #4 Hide and Seek with Thumbelina / おやゆび姫のかくれんぼ
  • #5 Welcome! Haunted House / Welcome!ゴーストハウス
  • #6 White Elephant and Lotus Cake / ハスのお菓子と白い象
  • #7 Look for Treasure on the Pirate Ship! / 海賊船でお宝目指せ!
  • #8 Greedy Spider Christmas / 欲ばりグモのクリスマス
  • #9 Soprano Singing Cookies / ソプラノおばさんの歌声クッキー
  • #10 Abracadabra Magic Lamp / アブラカタブラ魔法のランプ
  • #11 SP SECRET Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in the Woods / 森の中の白雪姫

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Product Condition: Items included per single blind box set are shown in order in the images. Original boxes are not included unless otherwise specified - items will be securely packed for delivery.

Single blind box sets are available as new (unopened inner packaging / never used) or opened (opened inner packaging / used).

If buying opened / used blind box sets, it is understood that items may have minor damage when purchasing opened / used blind box sets.

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