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RE-MENT Display Food Originals / 元祖 食品ディスプレイ

RE-MENT Display Food Originals / 元祖 食品ディスプレイ

Product Condition(s): Sealed and Pre-owned

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Release Date: February 25, 2008

Classification: Re-Ment Puchi Sample Series / ぷちサンプルシリーズ / Petit Sample Series

Company: RE-MENT / リーメント

Country of Origin: Japan

Set Contents (Single Blind Box Sets):
  • #1 Pizzeria Bambino / 焼きたてピザ (バンブーノ)
  • #2 Trattoria Arbelbello / 本格パスタ (アルベルベッロ)
  • #3 Joy Luck Restaurant / 中華料理 (満福酒家)
  • #4 Dongara Rice Bowls / どんぶり専門店 (どんがら亭)
  • #5 Curry House R & M / スパイス王国 (カレーハウスR&M)
  • #6 Akasaka Steakhouse / ステーキ専門店 (赤坂ダイニング)
  • #7 Teppan Theater / お好み焼き (鉄板劇場)
  • #8 Grill Kitchen / グリル専門店 (キッチングリル)
  • #9 Ice Cream Parlor Parfait Carnival / パフェ専門店 (パフェカーニバル)
  • #10 Cafe Du Honey / スイーツハウス (カフェ・ド・ハニー)

Additional Information

Product Condition: Items included per single blind box set are shown in order in the images. Original boxes are not included unless otherwise specified - items will be securely packed for delivery.

Single blind box sets are available as new (unopened inner packaging / never used) or opened (opened inner packaging / used).

If buying opened / used blind box sets, it is understood that items may have minor damage when purchasing opened / used blind box sets.

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