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RE-MENT Petit Sample Series Train Station Bentos (Journey Across Japan) / 日本縦断 駅弁紀行

RE-MENT Petit Sample Series Train Station Bentos (Journey Across Japan) / 日本縦断 駅弁紀行

Product Condition(s): Sealed, Pre-owned, and Vintage

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Release Date: April 14, 2003

Classification: Re-Ment Puchi Sample Series / ぷちサンプルシリーズ / Petit Sample Series

Company: RE-MENT / リーメント

Country of Origin: Japan

Set Contents (Single Blind Box Sets):
  • #1 Hokkaitazuna Reins Lunch (Shokai Co., Ltd. Tachiuri Otaru Station) / 北海手綱 (小樽駅 株式会社小樽駅構内立売商会)
  • #2 Cooked Crab (Do not Ya Honpo Co., Ltd. or Lunch at the Station Oshamanbe) / かにめし(長万部駅 有限会社かにめし本舗かなや)
  • #3 Ikameshi (Squid) (Stores, Inc. Abe Ikameshi Forest Ftation) / いかめし(森駅 株式会社いかめし阿部商店)
  • #4 Ichigo Lunch (Fish Yuan Limited Company Miyako Station Morioka Station) / いちご弁当(宮古駅・盛岡駅 有限会社魚元)
  • #5 Middle Beef, etc. (New Punch ya Yonezawa Station Co., Ltd.) / 牛肉どまん中(米沢駅 有限会社新杵屋)
  • #6 Dharma (Daruma) Bento (Ltd. Takasaki Takasaki Station) / だるま弁当(高崎駅 高崎弁当株式会社)
  • #7 Hitsumabushi (Tei Station Corporation Kakegawa Hamamatsu Station) / ひつまぶし(浜松駅・掛川駅 株式会社自笑亭)
  • #8 Sought-After Food (ya Kobe Awaji Station Co., Ltd. Shin-Kobe Station Nishiakashi station) / ひっぱりだこ飯(新神戸駅・西明石駅・神戸駅 株式会社淡路屋)
  • #9 Fuku Sushi Deluxe (Shimonoseki Station) / デラックスふく寿司(下関駅・新下関駅 下関駅弁当株式会社)
  • #10 Chestnut Rice (Yamaguchi lunch Hitoyoshi Hitoyoshi Station Co., Ltd.) / 栗めし(人吉駅 有限会社人吉弁当やまぐち)
  • #11 SP SECRET: Rice Ball / ニギリメシ(日本最初の駅弁らしい)

Additional Information

Product Condition: Items included per single blind box set are shown in order in the images. Original boxes are not included unless otherwise specified - items will be securely packed for delivery.

Single blind box sets are available as new (unopened inner packaging / never used) or opened (opened inner packaging / used).

If buying opened / used blind box sets, it is understood that items may have minor damage when purchasing opened / used blind box sets.

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